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The Future of the Subaru WRX, a Long Wait Until 2014

It looks like we in the U.S. aren’t going to be getting the latest generation of WRX until 2014. While the latest incarnation of the Impreza will be a total redesign on the current model, the WRX will take a completely different redesign path than the new Impreza. As a result, latest speculation is that the new WRX will not be released until 2014.

Motor Trend has more on this latest news;

Remember the drama around removing the “Skyline” prefix from the GT-R when the all-new supercar debuted in late 2007? Well, it looks like nomenclature surgery is about to happen again, only this time Subaru is doing the separating. That’s right, the Impreza and famed WRX — joined at the hip since 1992 — are going their separate ways.

While the new production Impreza debuted at this year’s New York Auto Show, the next WRX will take a completely different path of development and will not surface until 2014. We know this because Subaru president Ikuo Mori said at a recent shareholder’s meeting: “We will launch a new sporty car in 2014.” The WRX is that car.

In the past week, we have learned from a source just how different the new WRX will be to the Impreza, employing totally different components.

This image, revealing how one artist sees the new WRX, depicts a new coupe model with a shorter wheelbase and heavy-duty bodywork It’s important to note that this is just one vision of the new car, it may turn out to look much different. Our source also tells us Subaru bosses haven’t decided if the WRX name will survive. For the time being, we’ll refer to it as WRX.

“Apart from a few nuts and bolts, every part on the WRX will be unique. Even the engine and body. Obviously the WRX’s platform will be inherited from the new Impreza, but it will be radically modified and significantly shortened,” says our source.

From now on, the Impreza will be the company’s core model, boasting a fuel-efficient, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter boxer engine. The car’s wheelbase has been slightly lengthened, while the A-pillar has been brought forward to maximize interior space and comfort levels. At this point, it is unclear if Subaru will attempt an Impreza-based performance model to bridge the gap until the new WRX arrives, but it appears unlikely.

“Up until now, the Impreza and WRX used many common parts, which translated into entry-level Imprezas that were over-engineered,” the source continued. The basic chassis and suspension had to employ certain parts needed for the WRX. That drove costs up, and many entry-level customers did not want or understand the significance of such high-tech parts, stresses our insider.

The WRX, on the other hand, will employ the very best from Subaru’s parts bin, starting with an updated version of the company’s rally-proven AWD system and a turbocharged boxer engine.

“The first thing you must understand about our all-new WRX is that we have developed it from the ground up to win in motorsports events. That’s why we have focused so heavily on weight issues, not to mention a shorter wheelbase that permits faster, more precise turn-in. Marry that to our proven AWD system, and we think we have a winner,” explains our source.

If you look at the Sebastien Loeb’s multiple-championship-winning Citroen C4 in the World Rally Championship, you can see where Subaru is coming from — or going to. They want to build a WRX that can beat the Citroen while still offering driving enthusiasts something special for their garages. The company has pulled out of WRC, but with the new WRX, a return looks possible. Above the WRX, Subaru will still offer a low-production flagship STI, a model our source calls a “race car for the road.”

“Obviously the rally model will be based on the top-of-the-line STI car, but unlike previous Impreza WRXs, this new WRX will be more hard-core and less forgiving on bumpy road surfaces,” adds our source. Collaboration with Toyota on the FT-86 project also seems to have something to do with the direction of the new WRX and STI. “If the truth be known, we were able to focus so deeply on the motorsports element with the new WRX because we developed a sister car with the Toyota FT-86. Bosses gave us permission to go all out because that car exists,” says our insider.

Our source also revealed what is going on in the bowels of Subaru’s R&D. On the short list for the WRX’s powerplant is a turbocharged 1.6-liter boxer pumping as much as 270 hp, and a twin-charger system involving a supercharger is being tested as well. The car’s body is rumored to be a little bigger than a Toyota Yaris, while its tread width is said to expand significantly. As for the STI, we are told that the flagship will also employ the WRX’s 1.6-liter boxer turbo, but that the engine will be reworked to generate upwards of 300 hp for motorsport competitiveness.

Subaru bosses see the new WRX initially competing in domestic rallies and gymkhanas, but they are also targeting Europe’s World Touring Car Championships as well as the long-awaited return to the WRC.

Bottom line? Get used to saying Subaru WRX (most of us enthusiasts do, anyway). Expect unprecedented levels of AWD handling and performance at a bargain price — the vehicle should land in showrooms in roughly two years in the $26,000-$29,000 range.

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Letters From Our Customers

We got a kind letter the other day from one of our customers who was happy with our service. Thank you very much Rand and Patricia for taking the time to write to us!

We send with the warmest appreciation our thanks to you, your service people, and especially to Craig Olivo who treated us with such care, friendliness and efficiency when our Subaru broke down on May 22.

We were nearly 600 miles from home in Culbertson, MT after a granddaughter’s graduation. The next morning our new (13,000 miles) Outback would not start. We called the hot line number and within a short time the representative had a flatbed haul from Glasgow, MT in Culbertson and took our car to Rimrock Subaru. It took more than a day to get parts and we had urgent business to get home to in Twin Bridges, so Craig loaned us a great little Saturn until our car was fixed.
We were able to get back to Billings in a couple of days and retrieve our car.

This 2011 Outback is the 4th Subaru in our family and we would have no other vehicle. Your excellent help when we really needed it is so very much appreciated.

We send thanks to you all.

Rand and Patricia Bradley

If you’d like to learn more about the dealership, Click here!

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Rimrock Auto Arena Rededicated on Father’s Day

Sunday, June 19th 2011, the Rimrock Auto Arena was rededicated, and officially reopened. This event marked the one year anniversary of last year’s Father’s Day Tornado. The event consisted of a the ‘Twister’ two mile run, barbecue, colors presentation by the Marine Color Guard, a ribbon cutting, and prize drawing.

Rimrock Auto Arena Rededication, 06/20/11

Rimrock Auto Arena Rededication, 06/20/11

Damage from the 06/20/10 Tornado

Damage from the 06/20/10 Tornado

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Rimrock Subaru gives away FREE front row tickets to Sugarland!

Rimrock Subaru gives away two free tickets to Sugarland, June 6th, in Rimrock Auto Arena at Metrapark

Rimrock Subaru congratulates Lyssa Logan for winning two free tickets to Sugarland in their latest giveaway

Lyssa Logan was the happy recipient of two free front row tickets to the Sugarland concert on June 6th in Billings, Montana at the Rimrock Auto Arena. Rimrock Subaru offered a chance to win free tickets to the show with the test drive of a new Subaru. Lyssa, center, picked up her tickets Thursday after being drawn as the winner for the event. Pictured with Ernie Lee, left, general manager of Rimrock Subaru, and sales representative, Tammy Wiesbeck, right. The Sugarland concert will take place on Monday, June 6th in the Rimrock Auto Arena at Metrapark.

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Free FRONT ROW tickets to Sugarland? Rimrock Subaru has them!

Free front row tickets to Sugarland with Rimrock Subaru of Billings, Montana

If you’d like to win FREE FRONT ROW tickets to Sugarland at the Rimrock Auto Arena on June 6th, Rimrock Subaru is here to help!

With the test drive of a NEW Subaru, you’ll be entered to win a ticket to this event!

Stop in at Rimrock Subaru, at 324 S 24th Street West, Billings, MT for more information on how you can win FREE front row tickets to Sugarland!  CLICK HERE to visit our website or call 406-651-5200 for more information!

Signed to Mercury Nashville Records in 2004, Sugarland broke through that year with the release of their debut single “Baby Girl”, the first single from their multi-platinum debut album Twice the Speed of Life. The trio became a duo in 2006, when they also released their second album, Enjoy the Ride. This album produced their first two #1 singles (in the U.S.), “Want To” and “Settlin'”, and won the duo a Grammy for “Stay”. In 2008 they released their third album, titled Love on the Inside. This album produced three more #1 singles with “All I Want to Do”, “Already Gone”and “It Happens”. Their fourth album, The Incredible Machine was released on October 19, 2010 in both a standard and deluxe edition. Upon “The Incredible Machine” being certified platinum, Sugarland’s physical album sales exceed 9 million copies, with an additional 5 million digital tracks sold.

To take a test drive you must be 18 years of age. One entry per household. No cash option or alternate price. No purchase necessary. See dealer for complete details. Contest ends May 31st, 2011.

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Subaru Annouces a Sleeker, More Fuel Efficient 2012 Impreza

Details are still scarce, but Subaru announced this past week that the new 2012 Impreza is going to be undergoing a redesign from the current model. In addition to more flowing lines, and a sleeker overall appearance, Subaru has revealed that the car will have a 36-mpg fuel rating. That’s a 10-mpg improvement over the current model, and it would mean that the Impreza is the most fuel efficient all-wheel-drive car in the United States.

2012 Subaru Impreza, 36 mpg, new sleek design

Preliminary reports describe the Impreza’s new engine has being a 2.0 liter, horizontally-opposed, 4 cylinder engine, putting out 148hp and 146ft-lbs of torque. This engine will be coupled with Subaru’s advanced continuously variable trasmission (CVT), which will replace the old 4-speed transmission.

We’ll be getting a more detailed look at this car when it is finally makes its public debut at the 2011 New York Auto Show.

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Custom Convertible STi… Questionable at Best

At best, Manchester Subaru’s factory-custom STI convertible is a questionable combination. Photoshopped STI convertibles have become old-hat on Subaru forums, and the general consensus is that it’s just not a good fit for Subaru’s high performance sedan. Beyond that… well, we’ll let the photos of this $75,000 vehicle (of which Manchester has ordered 5) speak for themselves.

2011 Subaru STI Convertible, Manchester Subaru, Rimrock Subaru

2011 Subaru STI Convertible, Manchester Subaru, Rimrock Subaru

2011 Subaru STI Convertible, Manchester Subaru, Rimrock Subaru

2011 Subaru STI Convertible, Manchester Subaru, Rimrock Subaru

2011 Subaru STI Convertible, Manchester Subaru, Rimrock Subaru

2011 Subaru STI Convertible, Manchester Subaru, Rimrock Subaru

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Subaru Canada Brings Sexy Back… Sumo Style.

It’s true, Subaru Canada is featuring Sumo wrestlers in their latest ad campaign.  This unorthodox video uses the slogan ‘Sexy Comes Standard’ and showcases the 2011 Subaru Forester.

Points for originality!

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KIA’s One Epic Ride; the Big Game Commercial

KIA explain’s their epic commercial for Super Bowl XLV;  “Travel through space and time as a policeman, villain, Poseidon, alien and ancient chief try to get their hands on the all‐new Optima. Prepare for “One Epic Ride”.”


Want to know more about the commercial?  Check out the behind the scene’s here!

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Subaru Starts 2011 with a Bang! …and a Double-Digit Increase in Sales has more on this;

Ho-hum, just another double-digit monthly sales increase for Subaru of America Inc., the Cherry Hill-based arm of the niche Japanese automaker.

January sales were 18,858 units, up 20.8 percent from the 15,611 vehicles sold in the same month of 2010.

After all, it seems as though every automaker is reporting double-digit sales growth for January.

However, for Subaru, January’s higher sales marked the 19th time in 20 months that the maker of the Outback and Forester has increased sales year over year. The only exception was August 2010 when comparisons with the previous year were skewed by the popular federal “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Sure, Subaru – a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. – isn’t among the top six companies in terms of share of the U.S. automobile market.

General Motors Co. reported its own 22 percent rise in January sales, amounting to 178,896 vehicles rolling off dealers lots last month. By way of comparison, Subaru sold a total of 263,820 units in all of last year.

But according to Inc., which aggregates all sorts of information on the auto industry, no car company spends less on incentive programs than Subaru. In January, Subaru spent $548 per vehicle sold. GM spent $3,762 per vehicle sold.

In fact, GM spent more on incentives in January than any of its top rivals, said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’com director of industry analysis, in a statement.

Subaru, with its 2.3 percent market share of U.S. auto sales, may never challenge GM with its 19.1 percent share. But it’s been able to continue to grow consistently through what has been one of the most difficult periods for the auto industry.

As a result, Subaru now sells more vehicles in the United States than Mazda, which sold 229,566 units in 2010 – good enough for a 2 percent market share. Mazda reported a 9.1 percent decrease in January sales to 14,267 units.

Who’s zoom-zooming now?

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