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Subaru Impreza vs Cam Sinclair Dirt Bike | Rimrock Subaru

Top Gear video: Subaru Impreza vs Cam Sinclair Dirt Bike. This Impreza is modified a bit with a roll cage and a little more horse power, but it’s an insite to what kind of terrain they can handle.

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Buy Subaru = Buy American? Yes! | Rimrock Subaru

When people first think of “Subaru” they often think of the high-quality cars we know and love as coming from Japan. However, Subaru does have production plants in the United States, as well.

Already, the Legacy and Outback, as well as a few other models, are made in their Lafayette, Indiana plant. But really awesome news came a few days ago when Subaru of America announced that, soon, the Subaru Impreza will also be made in the USA. This addition is a $400 million investment for Subaru, and will add nearly 1,000 US jobs to the Lafayette plant.

Subaru Impreza at Rimrock Subaru in Billings MT

Subaru Impreza at Rimrock Subaru in Billings MT

“The Subaru’s success is attributable to many, many factors, including a focus on designing vehicles for the North American market, excellent marketing and sales efforts, and, of course, the outstanding quality, safety and reliability that are built into every Subaru, particularly by our associates here at SIA,” said Subaru Vice President Tom Easterday.

This expansion of Lafayette will increase its annual production capacity by roughly 100,000 vehicles, to a total of approximately 400,000 vehicles.

Check out the local Indiana newspaper article, here.

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Are Subarus the best cars money can buy?

Are Subarus the best cars money can buy? Well, we think so, many of our customers think so, and CNN Money seems to think so too.

By Alex Taylor III, senior editor-at-large, FORTUNE

FORTUNE — By the usual measurements, Subaru should be no more than an afterthought in the U.S. car market. It sells just seven car and crossover models and accounts for a slim 2.3% of U.S. auto sales. By itself, the Toyota Camry outsells the entire Subaru lineup. For years Subaru has been essentially a regional brand — strong in the Northeast and Northwest but unknown in the rest of the country. No overnight success, Subaru of America — the U.S. arm of Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries — began selling cars in the U.S. 44 years ago and still ranks only 12th in size. Hyundai and Kia, which arrived two decades later, have developed broader product lines and sell several times more vehicles.

Yet Subaru has racked up more endorsements by independent arbiters of automotive quality and safety than just about any other manufacturer. Consumer Reports rates Subaru above Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and every other manufacturer in performance, comfort, utility, and reliability, and says the company makes the best cars in America. ALG (formerly Automotive Lease Guide), the industry’s arbiter of residual value and used-car prices, named Subaru the leader in retained value among mainstream brands. And after crash tests, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety made Subaru a “top safety pick” across its entire product line, a distinction no other manufacturer can claim…

Read the whole story here:

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Subaru Adventures – Yoga [VIDEO]

“In 2012, Subaru was the official vehicle and Gold Sponsor of the Yoga Journal Conference, Estes Park, Colorado. Subaru presented the Yoga & Rock Climbing excursion to Lily Lake trailhead. Yoga Journal Conference participants had the opportunity to drive 5-door Subaru Impreza vehicles to the yoga/rock climbing site and experience the vehicle in its very familiar surroundings.”

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2014 BRZ STi, WRX, and More – Subaru Rumors, Spy Photos, and Facts

New 2014 Subaru rumors – what are your thoughts?

August 28th, 2012.
According to a recent publication by MotorTrend, there are several freshly upgraded Subaru vehicles on the way in 2013-2014.  Automotive News is also suggesting that Subaru may be focusing on enhanced performance on several successful vehicles in the next couple of years.

First up, the new 2014 Subaru WRX Spy Photos…

Varied Artist’s Concepts and Leaked Spy Photos:

Above you see two images of a mule of the next generation car for testing, and two artist renderings of the 2014 WRX. What do you think?

The 2014 WRX rumored to have a turbocharged 2.0 leter F-4 270 hp engine, with the BRZ’s six speed transmission and other BRZ technologies. The WRX STi will likely be around 305 hp with other rally performance enhancements. Both these cars are expected to hit our lot here at Rimrock Subaru in 2014.

Yep, the 2013 BRZ is a brand new car, but Subaru may already be doing some serious tinkering for its debut in 2014. It’s rumored by top industry sites like MotorTrend and MotorAuthority that the 2014 Subaru BRZ may (and some say likely will) have a performance enhanced STi edition, as well as a BRZ convertible edition, and possibly a new exterior look. The STi may have an upgraded boxer engine in the 250-280 hp range, with an even further lowered suspension, improved aerodynamics, and enhanced brakes.

2014 BRZ STi Artist’s Rendering:

The 2014 Impreza and Forester lineups may include hybrid versions, as well as body changes and enhanced aerodynamics. The Tribeca may be discontinued after next year, with an all-new successor (with three row seating) for 2014.

Changes are coming – and they’re looking good, right?

Tell us your thoughts!

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Subaru Core Technology – Episode 4 – Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame [VIDEO]

This last Episode of the Subaru Core Technology Movie demonstrates, in detail, the advantages of the Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame. (10 minutes long)

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Subaru Core Technology – Episode 3 – Dynamic Chassis Control Concept [VIDEO]

This next Episode of the Subaru Core Technology Movie demonstrates, in detail, the advantages of the Dynamic Chassis Control Concept. (10 minutes long)

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2012 Subaru Impreza – Value and Fuel Economy [REVIEW]

These Associated Press authors clearly enjoyed their time reviewing the Subaru Impreza – and for good reason. Excellent gas mileage (27mpg city/36mpg highway), sharp styling, sporty handling, powerful boxer engine, and Subaru’s standard All Wheel Drive.

Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza

By Associated Press, Published: July 18

The 2012 Subaru Impreza five door is a pleasant looking, versatile and smart handling car whose standard all-wheel drive makes it unusual among small cars that typically are front-wheel drive only.

Better yet, the Impreza comes at a competitive retail price starting at $19,045. This base Impreza price is on par with the starting retail prices of some competing front-wheel drive cars.

Meanwhile, the Impreza’s top fuel economy rating of 27 miles per gallon in city driving and 36 mpg on the highway from the federal government confirms the all-wheel drive is not a drag on gasoline mileage. In fact, the 2012 Hyundai Elantra GT five-door hatchback, which doesn’t offer all-wheel drive, has the same fuel economy rating as the all-wheel drive Impreza.

Also worth noting: The 2012 Impreza is a recommended buy of Consumer Reports, where its predicted reliability is better than average…

To read the complete review on the Washington Post’s website, click here:

To learn more about our selection of Impreza’s check out our website:

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Subaru Core Technology – Episode 1 – Boxer Engine [VIDEO]

Episode 1 of the Subaru Core Technology Movie demonstrates, in detail, the advantages of the horizontally opposed engine, and why it is so different from almost every other manufacturer. (10 minutes long)

Visit for more info!

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