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New Subaru WRX Concept Car! Like no other. | Rimrock Subaru

Finally, we get a clear view of the all new Subaru WRX Concept! At the New York International Auto Show over the past week, the curtain of secrecy has been lifted off of this highly anticipated next-generation car. Up until the past few days, there’s been very little information released by Subaru, and speculation has been mounting!

Subaru’s new press release does offer up some juicy details; the cars’ roof has been constucted entirely of carbon fiber, helping to further lower the car’s center of gravity and reduce weight. See the bulge on the hood? That is to accommodate the new turbocharged engine and intercooler. Other beautifully blended elements of the body show off how much love went into this design – angular, strong lines form efficient cooling for the engine, and smooth aerodynamic curves incorporate a spoiler on the trunk.

“The bold and muscular design emphasizes turbocharged power and AWD grip in a more agile and athletic form. The SUBARU WRX CONCEPT blends the WRX’s famous power and road-holding prowess with an even greater focus on sharp handling, steering and communicative chassis. To further improve handling dynamics, the SUBARU WRX CONCEPT features a carbon-fiber roof to enhance the already low center of gravity and reduce weight…The rear design echoes the hexagonal design motif from the front grille and features a dramatically curved trunk lid that also acts as a rear spoiler. The distinctive wide rear bumper of the SUBARU WRX CONCEPT adds to the powerful street presence of the car and is off-set by large quad tailpipes denoting the powerful turbocharged engine. The aggressive rear diffuser improves vehicles aerodynamics. \Subaru”




Watch more here:

What do you think?

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The perfect car for a grocery fun. Err, I mean, ‘run’. BRZ – Rimrock Subaru

Ever wake up and head down to the kitchen to make breakfast, only to realize that you’re out of milk!? Fortunately, if you own a Subaru BRZ its not all that bad of a drive to the grocery store! Staying to the speed limits and stopping at traffic lights, you can still have fun, and look great (as long as your pajamas are of a NASCAR theme). However, if you are a professional stunt driver filming a commercial for Subaru Spain, with a closed course at your disposal, you might have an urge to push the limits a little…

If you’re inspired by Ken Block, the results are inevitable.

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Factory Fresh Subaru BRZ @ Rimrock Subaru

Here’s our latest hot red BRZ, fresh off the truck, with protective plastic still in place!

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