LeBron James is trying to convince all the doubters he really does drive a Kia

Kia Motors has launched a very self-aware ad campaign that depicts its brand ambassador LeBron James insisting that he really does drive a Kia.


Learn more about Lebron James’ love affair with Kia from Business Insider at http://www.businessinsider.com/lebron-james-kia-ads-2015-12


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Why did Kelley Blue Book name Subaru the Most Trust Brand,
Lowest Cost to Own, and the Best Resale Value for 2015? Find out at Rimrock Subaru. Subaru — Confidence in Motion.®

Visit us at 324 S 24th St W, Billings, Montana to learn more! In the meantime, you may view our inventory at RimrockSubaru.com.


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Is your senior is graduating this spring?


Your senior is graduating this spring! Show her how proud you are by co-signing for a new Kia! Learn more at RimrockKia.com.

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Subaru Loves Pets


Rimrock Subaru Loves Pets. Learn more at http://www.rimrocksubaru.com/subaru-loves-pets.htm

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Rimrock Subaru wishes everyone a happy new year

Happy new year from Rimrock Subaru. Learn more about our great deals on new and used Subaru motor vehicles, and browse our inventory online at www.rimrocksubaru.com


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Happy Thanksgiving from Rimrock Subaru!

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from your hometown Subaru dealer. Visit us online at Rimrock Subaru (www.rimrocksubaru.com).

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Seasons greetings from Rimrock Subaru

Seasons greetingsOn behalf of the Rimrock family, General Manager R. Ernie Lee would like to extend his best wishes and happy holidays from our family to yours. Come experience the Rimrock difference today at Rimrock Subaru, 324 South 24th Street West, Billings, MT 59102.

We’ve got some great year-end deals during our Subaru Share the Love Event going on now.

Want a great all-wheel-drive cross-over? Then step into the new 2016 Subaru Crosstrek? Or how about a family car? Then scope out the all new 2016 Subaru Legacy. Are you feeling the need for speed? Our local motorheads love the all new 2016 Subaru BRZ and 2016 Subaru WRX.

Remember at Rimrock Subaru, you’re like family. . . come visit Billings’ hometown Subaru dealer and experience the Rimrock difference.

R Ernie Lee, Rimrock Subaru Kia GM

Ernie Lee, Rimrock Subaru Kia GM


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Another satisfied customer

Visit us online at Rimrock Subaru (www.rimrocksubaru.com).

“I wanted to take a moment and tell each of you about my daughter’s great buying experience at Volkwagen of Billings yesterday.  My daughter Courtney will be going to med school next fall and while she was gone to Europe backpacking across those countries, I sold her older car.  We walked into Volkswagen yesterday and walked out two hours later with a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Jetta with 96 miles on it.  When we approached the dealership we had the intentions of looking at 4 to 5 used cars that I had pulled up on line to look at, at the dealership.  Once we decided on the Jetta, the approval process went quick, the financing went quick, and it was the best buying experience I have ever had at any car dealership in my 30 years of buying cars for myself or family members.  My sales person was Christian and he knew the product, was respectful and courteous, and very professional.  An experienced Sales person named Sam helped with the price negotiations and that went quickly and efficiently.  I was absolutely blown away by the efficiency and ease in the buying experience from your dealership.  After the sale Sam introduced us to the service manager and he walked us through the maintenance schedule and any concerns that Courtney would have with servicing her new car.  I told Christian that because of our experience yesterday I will be back to buy a new work car for myself in March.  Courtney loves her new car and we are very happy with her purchase.  Thanks you.”

Another satisfied Rimrock Subaru customer:
Thomas LaRoque, Billings, Montana
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Subaru WRX

“And while you could easily compare the ‘Rex to newcomers like the Ford Focus ST or the perennial-favorite Volkswagen GTI – cars that surely offer better interior refinement and more typical hot hatch dynamics – the WRX’s all-weather capability makes it a no-brainer for folks desiring four-season fun. As far as street-legal rally cars go, there’s still nothing better than a WRX.”
—Autoblog (2015)

“It’s a great merger of premium small sedan and all-weather sports car, making it an excellent choice for everyday driving, no matter where you live.”
—MSN Autos (2015)

“It’s a truly useable little sports sedan that can blow the doors off of basically anything else on the road.”
—Jalopnik (2015)

Browse our inventory online at rimrocksubaru.com

Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX

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Bloomberg Business : Subaru is still the hottest car in America

Bloomberg Business - Subaru is still the hottest car

“The U.S. auto business in 2015 is a Hollywood movie—one big car chase and a happy ending. If there’s a hero, it’s scrappy little Subaru, the Japanese company best known as Fuji Heavy Industries.

“U.S. drivers bought a record 53,070 Subarus in September, a 28 percent increase over the same month last year. No other car company saw sales grow so quickly. In fact, no other company has been close to matching Subaru’s sales pace all year.”

Click for article “Subaru Is Still the Hottest Car Company in the U.S.” – Bloomberg Business or browse our inventory online at Rimrock Subaru.

Source: Bloomberg Business, October 2, 2015.

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