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“I wanted to take a moment and tell each of you about my daughter’s great buying experience at Volkwagen of Billings yesterday.  My daughter Courtney will be going to med school next fall and while she was gone to Europe backpacking across those countries, I sold her older car.  We walked into Volkswagen yesterday and walked out two hours later with a brand new 2014 Volkswagen Jetta with 96 miles on it.  When we approached the dealership we had the intentions of looking at 4 to 5 used cars that I had pulled up on line to look at, at the dealership.  Once we decided on the Jetta, the approval process went quick, the financing went quick, and it was the best buying experience I have ever had at any car dealership in my 30 years of buying cars for myself or family members.  My sales person was Christian and he knew the product, was respectful and courteous, and very professional.  An experienced Sales person named Sam helped with the price negotiations and that went quickly and efficiently.  I was absolutely blown away by the efficiency and ease in the buying experience from your dealership.  After the sale Sam introduced us to the service manager and he walked us through the maintenance schedule and any concerns that Courtney would have with servicing her new car.  I told Christian that because of our experience yesterday I will be back to buy a new work car for myself in March.  Courtney loves her new car and we are very happy with her purchase.  Thanks you.”

Another satisfied Rimrock Subaru customer:
Thomas LaRoque, Billings, Montana
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