Help Needy Children this Holiday Season! | Rimrock Kia

Join us for the 3rd Annual C4K Computer-Give-Away & Recycling Event!

Rimrock Kia Computers 4 Kids

When: Monday, December 23rd   11:00am – 6:00pm     Where: Rimrock KIA

We’re doing it again! Just in time for Christmas, Computers 4 Kids has partnered with Rimrock KIA for the 3rd Annual C4K Computer-Give-Away Event! This charitable event will be at 412 S 24th St West, in Billings.

Put it on your calendar now!

This year’s C4K give-away is even more exciting – thanks to a partnership with Rimrock KIA at the 412 S 24th St West location. Rimrock KIA is excited to co-sponsor the event and pay the costs of recycling old monitors and other equipment donated by the public during the event. Not only is Rimrock KIA proud to give new life to old equipment and provide technology to needy young Montanans, but because Computers 4 Kids is licensed with the State of Montana for electronic recycling, we can all help reduce the amount of chemicals and materials that would otherwise unproductively find their way into a landfill. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Do you have a kid who needs a computer?

Everyone and anyone is eligible to receive a refurbished computer! There’s even more good news! Rimrock Kia will cover all applicable licensing fees for 100 complete systems so there is NO cost to you!* Just make sure you pick up an invitation card at Rimrock KIA during the event to be eligible for your FREE computer!

Have a computer that you’re not using?

Don’t throw it away; donate it to a good cause! Everyone is encouraged to recycle their old computer so Computer 4 Kids can recondition the deductible donations with new hardware and appropriate software. We accept virtually any and every used computer for donation (broken or working, except for CRT monitors). It will be reconditioned and brought back to working order (or responsibly recycled if it can’t be reconditioned). It’s an excellent way to help needy kids in our community receive computers, monitors and peripherals easily and conveniently.

It is a win-win situation for everyone! The kids get a free computer and the folks who donate their old computer are assured that their tax-deductible donation is recycled in a responsible manner!

Further event details may be found by calling 406-651-5500 or You can also stop by the Computers 4 Kids headquarters at 2110 1st Avenue North or Rimrock KIA at 412 S 24th St West, call 406-651-5500, or visit our website at

*Only people with an invitation card are eligible. Limited to 1 (one) Computer, per household during the event, Monday 12/23 11a-6p, while supplies last. Refurbished Computers will be, at a minimum, a functional machine running Windows ® 7 with an Intel ® Pentium IV Processor.

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