Your Spring Service Reminder | Rimrock Subaru Kia

Do you know if your car is ready for Summer? Its probably a good idea to bring it in to our Service Center for a Spring Tuneup! Call (888) 447-1046 to schedule an appointment.

Here are some areas of focus:

Fluids: Fluid leaks are the enemy of your car! When the fluid levels drop, your vehicle will stop. The top fluids to check are the coolant, oil and transmission fluid level. If the radiator gaskets and seals aren’t sealing properly, this is an easy way for a leak to start. If anything is low, or if seals are cracked or deformed, it’s time for a service appointment.

Hoses and Belts: Hoses and Belts are often plastic or rubber, and these materials naturally deteriorate with age. Temperature extremes (which we have a lot of in Montana) also factor in to accelerated aging. Belts and Hoses are vital to the reliable operation of your car’s systems. They tie all of the electrical (headlights and brake lights, wipers, turn signals, etc.), and heating and cooling systems into your engine. If belts are loose or excessively cracked or worn, or if hoses are soft or fractured, it may be time for a replacement.

Battery: Batteries don’t like the cold. And Montana has plenty of cold winter weather, which strains the electrical system and can shorten the life of even the best batteries. If there’s corrosion or leakage, or if the battery is more than two years old, it’s probably time for a new one. A dead battery will leave you stranded!

Oil System: Oil is the blood of your engine. Changing oil too infrequently can let particulate, gunk and tiny metal shavings build up and damage internal components. If you’re using regular oil, every 3,000 or so miles might be a good time to get it changed. Synthetic oils are generally a little bit more expensive, but last longer. Consult your car’s owner manual for the recommended oil change schedule, and don’t forget. It’s also a good idea to change the filter each time you change the oil. Lastly, this is also a good time to change the cabin or engine air filter to get maximum performance from your engine. Can’t remember the last time your oil was changed? It’s probably past due! Bring it in to our Service Center where our Certified Technicians can help.

Air-Conditioning System: If you like staying cool when the summer heat cranks up, pay attention to the A/C system! Inspect the compressor belt for cracking and wear. If when you turn the system on, it doesn’t blow some frigid air at you, it’s probably time to have the compressor and refrigerant levels checked, and recharged or serviced if low.

Tires: Few things matter to vehicle drivability more than the good condition of tires. Both pressure and condition are vital. Low pressure can cause a blowout and will ruin your gas mileage. High pressure can cause very uneven tire wear, and short tire life. Check the sticker on your drivers’ side door jam and verify the pressure is correct. Make sure you are getting your tires rotated. Not rotating tires every 6,000-7,500 miles or so may void warranties. Have questions about tires? Just give us a call!

Engine Cooling System: AC keeps you from overheating, and Engine Coolant keeps your car’s engine from over-heating. Is your coolant low? It might be leaking. Is it a strange color? Dark? It probably is in need of a flush.  Dirty or low coolant can affect engine performance and engine life.

Have questions about any of this? Give us a call at 888-447-1046 or check our Service Website at . Don’t forget to check our specials, here:

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