“In a time of need”

Every once in a while, we’ve got the opportunity to help someone in need.  Whether it be a neighbor, a friend, or a total stranger.  This opportunity came to us at Rimrock Subaru/KIA a new months ago when we had an opportunity to help Rand and Patricia Bradley.  They were kind enough to write us back after they got home safely in their 2011 Subaru Outback.

We sent with the warmest appreciation our thanks to you, your service people, and especially to Craig Olivo who treated us with such care, friendliness and efficiency when our Subaru broke down on May 22nd.

We were nearly 600 miles from home in Culbertson, MT after a granddaughter’s graduation.  The next morning our new (13,000 miles) Outback would not start.  We called the hot line number and within a short time the representative had a flatbed haul from Glasgow, MT in Culbertson and took our car to Rimrock Subaru.  It tooks more than a day to get the parts and we had urgent business to get home to in Twin Bridges, so Craig loaned us a great little Saturn until our car was fixed.

We were able to get back to Billings in a couple of days to retrieve our car.

This 2011 Outback is the 4th Subaru in our family and we would have no other vehicle.  Your excellent help when we really needed it is so very much appreciated.

We send thanks to you all,

Rand and Patricia Bradley

If there’s one thing that we love about Subaru, it’s getting the opportunity to meet wonderful people and hopefully make a positive difference in their life.  In the case of Rand and Patricia, we’re so glad that we had the opportunity to do just that.

Visit RimrockSubaru.com for more information Subarus and our dealership.

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