Subaru Releases photos of the new B5 Hybrid

Subaru B5-TPH ConceptWith hybrids being all the rage for the past few years, Subaru is taking the reigns, and announced that they will be releasing the Subaru B5-TPH in 2012.  The B5-TPH (Turbo Parallel Hybrid) concept is a sporty coupe which includes Subaru’s standard all-wheel drive.  It’s turbocharged 2.0l engine produces some serious clout at 256hp with 253ft-lbs torque.

Between the engine and transmission is a 58mm electric motor/generator which, while it produces only 13hp at peak, offers 110ft-lbs of torque from start up.  This added torque effectively offsets Subaru’s characteristic ‘turbo lag’.

Unlike many other hybrids out there, both the B5-TPH’s electric motors and gas engine work constantly.  Currently, fuel efficiency is still under speculation, but with the United States enacting a 35.5+ mpg average requirement by 2016, you can bet that the mileage will be excellent.

Currently, Subaru is also testing an all-electric city car called the R1e, but that is still under development.

Check out for more information on this and other cars currently available from Subaru!

Subaru B5-TPH Concept

Subaru B5-TPH Concept

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