The Subaru Forester S-Edition. Subaru’s new full-size brawler?

So far, it’s still just flying around in the rumor mill, but reports that Subaru may have a new, special-edition Forest on the way. The Subaru Forester S-Edition. This Forester would be directly based around Subaru’s WRX. Sporting 260 horsepower, and roughly 256 ft-lbs of Torque, it’d be less powerful that the WRX, but it’d still pack on 36 horses on to the existing Forester XT; not a bad bump. This prototype is being prepared by Subaru Australia, but we’re sure hoping they’ll let the states in on some of that action.

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Subaru builds a mean, turbocharged flat-four-cylinder engine for its Impreza WRX — but what happens when said engin

e is shoehorned into the engine compartment of the Forester crossover? The result is what Subaru dubs the Forester XT S-Edition concept, and depending on your country of residence, it may be destined for a dealer near you.

Prepared by Subaru’s Australian wing, the XT S-Edition reportedly previews a

new trim level that is destined for the Aussie market early next year. Power comes courtesy of a WRX-spec turbocharged

2.5-liter boxer four, which cranks out 260 horsepower and 256 pound-feet of torque. That’s roughly five horsepower less than a standard WRX, but an increase of roughly 36 ponies compared to the 2.5XT. Power is sent to Subaru’s all-wheel-drive system via a five-speed automatic transmission.

According to the manufacturer’s release, Subaru has also revised the Forester’s suspension and all-wheel-drive systems for a sportier feel, although the precise details have yet to be revealed. Cosmetic revisions, however, are easy to spot. Clear turn signal indicators, STI-sourced 17-inch aluminum wheels, and special emblems are applied to the Forester’s exterior, while the interior receives Alcantara-trimmed seating, drilled aluminum sport pedals, and unique gauges.

At this stage, the S-Edition shown here is simply a show car, but much like Cadillac’s CTS-V Wagon show vehicle, this model will reach showroom floors. Subaru has only revealed that the Forester XT S-Edition is destined for Australia, but we hope that the model isn’t locked to one specific market, as was the case with the JDM Forester STI.

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