Subaru’s “Announces” Their Most Mediocre Car Ever

They said it, not us. Subaru’s 2011 ‘Mediocrity’ features headlights, and mirrors… and that’s about it. The Mediocrity’s main mission is to be, according to their website,

“…the most mainstream mid-size sedan on the road today. Our company is extremely dedicated and passionate about “middle-of-the-road.” Each and every day, we strive for predictability, unoriginality and no-frills utilitarianism for all of your transportation needs. The 2011 Mediocrity will get you from A to B without anybody ever noticing, and that’s a good thing.”

But before you start writing Subaru a letter asking what in the world they were thinking, calm down. The 2011 Mediocrity is part of Subaru’s latest advertising campaign for the 2011 Subaru Legacy. Essentially, the idea is to point out everything that the Legacy is not. It’s definitely a funny concept, and Subaru has certainly pulled this one of; including design videos, merchandise, and even an arcade-style video game… albeit, it’s about the most boring game you’ll probably EVER play. You can check out the 2011 Mediocrity website HERE.

Also, here’s the latest ad video. We challenge you to not yawn while watching it.

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