Subaru Announces their NEW Boxer motor!

Earlier this month, Subaru announced that it would be releasing their latest incarnation of the the famous ‘Boxer’ 4-cylinder motor,

named as such because as the cylinders rotate, it resembles a boxer punching. This represents the first dramatic change to the Boxer motor in 21 years! The motor will still be a 2.5 liter, however, the cylinder bore will be smaller, and the crankshaft stroke will be longer. This allows the new motor to have the same displacement as the older motor, but reportedly improves gas mileage, and increases low/midrange torque. It’ll first be available in the United States, in the 2011 model Forester. has more on the story:

Following the announcement of Subaru’s third generation boxer engine, the company has shed initial details of the 2011 Forester, which will debut with the new engine. The engine is in a form of a 2.5 liter, with different bore and stroke configurations that give a larger displacement, 2,498 cc to be precise.

The engine it replaces has a 2,457 cc displacement. The new engine also benefits from a chain-driven cam, instead of belt.

Power remains the same at 170hp while torque increases to 236Nm from 230Nm. This peak torque is achieved at 4,100 RPM, lower by 300 RPM. Fuel efficiency has been

slightly improved. Both manual and automatic models offer 21 MPG for city and 27 MPG for highway respectively. This compares to 20/27 MPG for the manual and 20/26 MPG for the automatic in the 2009 model.

Pricing in the US starts from $20,495 for the base 2.5X with a manual transmission and tops out with the 2.5XT Touring with a $29,995 price tag. The 2.5XT models retain the 224hp turbocharged engine. Features that will be offered include Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), remote keyless entry, HD radio with 4.3-inch LCD screen and 6 speakers (standard for 2.5X Limited), rear-view camera (optional) and the list goes on.

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